3 Ağustos 2014 Pazar


There are 61 tumulus-baratze 
There are 213 simple tumuli 
There are 216 stone circles 
in the North of the Basque Country.

"In our view the Etruscans appear to be an original Turanian race , which formed the underlying stratum of population over the whole world and which cropped up, like Basques in Spain, 
in that part of Italy called Etruria."

"Thus the lower or Turanian stage will be similar all over the world, while the higher or Aryan stage will also present similar features wherever a higher phase of civilisation occurs, and thus we are led to the natural inference that the Tartars, Mongols, Etruscans, Basques, Mexicans, being in a similar lower stage of development (Turanian as it is generally called) will present similar characteristic features in beliefs, customs, and language."

Handbook of Archaeology, 
Egyptian - Greek - Etruscan - Roman
Hodder W.Westropp, 1867

you can not call "lower" or "higher"
 that don't exist between the humans!
all the "higher" learned from the "lower" ,
with your words !
Sumerian Turks invented , and the Scythians Turks and Etruscans Turks brought it to Europe.

But thanks , in the name of 
the Turks/Turanians.

"Sümerlerle, Hurrilerle, Hititlerle, İskitlerle, Peçeneklerle, Kıpçaklarla, Mayalarla, Kızılderililerle, Etrüsklerle 
aynı olmanın ötesinde 
Basklarda, Keltlerde 
hatta günümüz İngilizlerinde, Ruslarda ve Tuareglerde 
nasıl bir Türk vurgusu var, 
hem de genetik olarak, 
hiç düşündünüz mü?"

“ … dünya tarihine mührünü vurmuş bir milletin 
argogenetik hikayesidir..."

Osman Çataloluk