20 Temmuz 2014 Pazar

Oldest Türkic Archeology in China

Bronze ornaments: one is shaped like a pair of sheep's horns.
Xiangbaobao, Tashkurgan.

Yüeh-chih - Uz-tribes (Ch. Yuezhi, Yüeh-chih, dial. Juz-tribes, Tokhar and As confederation )
Hsiung-nu - Huns (Ch. Hsiung-nu, Xiung-nu)
Wu-sun - Usun (Ch. Wu-sun, "Raven Clans", Kaz. Uisyn/Uysyn) 

The Xiangbaobao graves, Tashkurgan
between the seventh and fourth centuries BC
The Lou-Ian graves at Lop Nor
The pebble graves of Alagou (Turfan County)
The wooden chamber graves at Alagou (Turfan County) (same as Pazyryk Arjan-type kurgan)
The T'ien Shan settlements
Grave sites on the slopes of the Altai mountains