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Turanian Race, Tombs ,Builders

Whenever a Turanian race exists or existed, there their tombs remain; and from the Pyramids of Egypt to the mausoleum of Hyder Ali, the last Tartar king in India, they form the most remarkable series of monument the world possesses, and all were built by people of Turanian race. 

No Semite and no Aryan ever built a tomb that could last a century or was worthy to remain so long.

A History of Architecture
by J.Fergusson link

The most remarkable series of monuments the world possesses, were built by people of Turanian race....

Rivers of Life ii - Forlong

The Turanian races were the first to people the world beyond the limits of the original cradle of mankind, in the valley of the Euphrates before the Semitic or Aryan races came there.

The Turanians were builders; the Semitic races never erected a building worthy of the name. When King Solomon decided to build the Temple at Jerusalem, he lead recourse to Turanians to take the lead in the work.

Moses W.Redding, Illustrated History of Freemasonry,  link