5 Aralık 2014 Cuma

What Chinese said about nomadic Turks:

Samarkand - Uzbek Turks.

What Chinese said about nomadic Turks:
"High wheel sizes tumbrel"

Scyth - most transparent, but also most mis-exploited ethnonym. Comes from the Greek distortion of endoethnonym Ish-guz or As-guz = As + guz = Tr. tribe, i.e. As Tribe. Ethnonym As reportedly meant nomad, with the same semantics in many other Türkic ethnonyms and their translations, like Iyrk = nomad, Kangar = Carriage People, Gaogüy (Ch.) = High Wheels, etc. Guz is used to indicate a nation, people, tribe, like in Oguz and Unuguz = Ten Tribes, Guz = Tribe, Gagauz = Gaga Tribe, etc