12 Mayıs 2016 Perşembe

Seljuk Turks - Metropolitan Museum of Art

Court and Cosmos: The Great Age of the Seljuqs Exhibition
Date : April 27th - July 26 th 2016
The Metropolitan Museum of Art - New York

Royal figure, mid 11th-12th c AD Turkish Art

The description of Metropolitan Museum is: "The Seljuqs were a Turkic dynasty of Central Asian nomadic origin..." and as "İslamic Culture"....

1 - Seljuks are not Turkic, but Turks himself. Turkic means "like/as Turk", so not an accurate description.

2 - Nomadic people can not make such spectacular arts on horses and can not establish states. Turks are not nomadic people. Also not an accurate description.

3- "Culture: İslamic" is not an accurate description, because not only Turks but many nations are under this religion. And these art pieces belongs to Turks.


Leaning Column Fragment from a Mihrab Object 
Name: Architectural; column fragment 
Date: second half of the 11th century
Geography: Dandanqan; Turkmenistan
Culture:Islamic! (No, not islamic but Turkish)


"Halbuki bu tip olaylar bir ulusun medeniyet ölçüsüdür."
"Whereas, such events are a nation's civilization measure."