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Beudos - Bediz



"Occur in inscriptions from northwest of Phrygia, also from Lydia, Bitynia, Galatia and Pisidia. It is commonly accepted that it is a Phrygian word related somehow to OPhr. Benagonos (G-116. Indeed, leaving aside this OPhr.word, βεύδος has been analysed in several ways but a satisfactory explanation of its origin is still lacking."

Bartomeu Obrador Cursach
Doctoral dissertation / University of Barcelona, 2018

Turkish Balbal (Bediz-Beudos) from Letoon/Fethiye

* Why does the "westerner scholars" ignore other languages? Like not looking into the Turkish Language?.. Because..

BET = Yüz (Face)
BEDEZ - BEDİZ = HEYKEL (=statue), KABARTMA (=relief)
Dîvânü Lugâti’t-Türk
Mahmud al-Kashgari
Compendium of the languages of the Turks

Kul Tigin Inscription nr.12

Bu durumda bu sözcük için "Hangi Frigce" diyebiliriz.

Not Phrygian, but Turkish!

Which Phrygian?
Look closer and you will find Scythian-Turks!

Bevdos (βεύδος) is TURKİSH of origin.

on 8.9.2022 I wrote to Mr Obrador-Cursach, let see how that goes;?