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Beudos - Bediz



"Occur in inscriptions from northwest of Phrygia, also from Lydia, Bitynia, Galatia and Pisidia. It is commonly accepted that it is a Phrygian word related somehow to OPhr. Benagonos (G-116. Indeed, leaving aside this OPhr.word, βεύδος has been analysed in several ways but a satisfactory explanation of its origin is still lacking."

Bartomeu Obrador Cursach
Doctoral dissertation / University of Barcelona, 2018

Turkish Balbal (Bediz-Beudos) from Letoon/Fethiye

* Why does the "westerner scholars" ignore other languages? Like not looking into the Turkish Language?.. Because..

BEDEZ - BEDİZ = HEYKEL (=statue), KABARTMA (=relief)
Dîvânü Lugâti’t-Türk
Mahmud al-Kashgari
Compendium of the languages of the Turks

Bu durumda bu sözcük için "Hangi Frigce" diyebiliriz.

Not Phrygian, but Turkish!

Which Phrygian?
Look closer and you will find Scythian-Turks!