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Common Alphabet - Ortak Abece

Scandinavian Futhark - Anglo Saxon Futhorc - Gokturks Inscription - 
Szekler (Sekel-Turks: descandents of Attila the Hun-Turk) Inscription
Common Alphabet
Is Scythian-Turks Alphabet - 5th c BC Issyk Inscription. 

1 - 2600-year-old Issyk Inscription.
Two lines of Saka inscription that changed view on the history of the Türkic people

2 - Proto-Türkic rune-like inscription on silver cup
(Issyk Inscription)

3 - Issyk Inscription

4 - Issyk Inscription
The Runes of the Golden Man of Issik / A Hungarian reading

Turkish (Gokturk) inscription and Tamga (symbol-mark)

In Orkhon Monument, there are more then 100 
the word "Türk", both are correct.


"apparently at some time the humanity didn't speak any other language but Türkic."