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Mother Umay


Mother Umay, owner of the Tree of Life

Protector of women, children, and Turkish communities around the world. It is the most important sacred being, symbol of birth and fertility in Turkish mythology.

There is a battle scene on a Umay stone stel and a leader gets her blessing. This scene is also to be seen on Pazyryk felt in Hermitage Museum.

Today, Umay is used as a female name.

She gave her name to the month; May.


Umay Ana - Kayın Ağası - Artemis

Umay - Mayıs

Koban Kültürü Kafkas Değil Kimmer ve Saka Kültürüdür

Pazyryk Felt - Mother Umay and a Leader

The same symbol on Mamluk Turkish Banner, with a "Fleur de Lis"
14th c AD, Egypt

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